Milwaukee Packout


Milwaukee Packout

Build your system the way you want the new Milwaukee Packout, the industries most versatile an durable modular storage solution. Packout revolutionizes the way you transport, organize and store your tools on the job site. Packout is the first of a multi footprint system providing you total modularity allowing you to stack and lock boxes, organizers and totes in any configuration that works best for you. The face of the system is the rolling tool box featuring nine inch all terrain wheels that have been designed to easily roll over a variety of rough job site surfaces. An industrial grade extension handle supports box loads up to 250 pounds. The wide handle gives you a more comfortable grip during transportation. All Packout toolboxes are constructed with impact resistant polymer and are IP65 rated and sealed to prevent damage from water and job site debris. Packout organizers are designed to connect to any of the Packout system components and include removable bins to maximize organization. These bins can also be mounted to common job site materials with the integrated screw slots. These organizers also utilize impact resistant polymer and are IP65 rated to prevent damage from water and job site debris. The totes can attach to the top of any storage boxes or organizers providing optimized storage space for accessories, hand tools or even larger tools like an impact driver or sawzall. Take these totes off the stack and transport them around the job site comfortably with padded shoulder straps made of ballistic material and all metal hardware. Total modularity gives you the freedom to customize Packout the way you want. The industries most versatile and durable modular storage system is waiting for you.

Milwaukee Packout Features

The rolling toolbox is the centerpiece of the Packout tool storage system. It is equipped with 9 inch all terrain wheels to ensure easy transport of your tools and regardless of job site conditions, it just keeps rolling.

Packout tool boxes are constructed with a specially formulated plastic, made with impact resistant polymers. This material is extremely strong and can withstand the harsh demands of everyday hard use. It is also resistant to damage when items from the job site fall or are dropped on it.

IP, or ingress protection is a rating assigned to the level of sealing effectiveness of an enclosure against intrusion from foreign bodies. Packout is IP65 rated, meaning it is dust tight and protected against water propelled from a nozzle. Your tools are safe with Packout.

Experience optimized storage like never before. With a choice of 3 tool box sizes, 2 organizer boxes and 3 tote sizes, you can carry all your tools in one system and every tool has a place. The modularity of the system allows you to create the perfect storage solution for your specific tool set.

No-travel bin seals are used in the organizers to prevent the bin's contents from moving from one bin to another during transport. It keeps items in their place where they belong. No more re-organizing your items over and over again.

All hardware used in the Packout is solid metal complimenting the rest of the high quality materials used in the construction of the system. This system is built better than others on the market and that starts with materials.

Milwaukee Packout Testimonials

What an awesome tool box. I made my own system with the rolling tool box, a tool box, organizer and topped it off with a tote. I can finally say I have all my tools in one place. The durability of this system blow away anything else I have ever owned, it's not cheap plastic. I've already used it on jobs in the pouring rain and the water tight seals actually work to keep my tools dry. I wouldn't change a thing.

Juan Ramirez

This system is worth every dime. It keeps all my tools clean, dry and oganized. It's never been easier transporting my tools and the wheels take the stress off my back, which I can appreciate as I'm getting older. All the materials are quality, from the containers themselves to the handles, latches and hinges. The best part? When the job is done I can pack up and load my truck in no time, and be on my way home.

Electrical Contractor